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Oguz Omay

psychiatrist, La Teppe Medical Center

IPT Therapist
IPT Faculty
IPT Fellow

Professional Biography

Professional Degree: M.D.
Primary Language: French
Secondary Language: English

Level A Training Completed: 10/09/2008
Additional Training: 10 level A trainings, 3 level D trainings, 2 level E trainings

Oguz Omay completed his undergraduate medical training in Turkey and studied psychiatry in France. He is qualified in both Child/Adolescent Psychiatry and Adult Psychiatry. He has been living and working in France for more than 25 years where he has been working full time in clinical psychiatry.

A passionate clinician and patients' advocate, Oguz Omay is involved in perinatal psychiatry since 15 years. Initially taken aback by the fact that very few women found adequate psychiatric care during the perinatal period despite severe episodes, he has organized a grass roots multidisciplinary networking movement in his region. With the contribution of many professionals but also mothers with lived experience, this movement led to the creation of the perinatal psychiatry unit in La Teppe with clinical and teaching activities.

La Teppe Medical Center in Tain l'Hermitage where Oguz Omay still works, an obscure yet beautiful spot on the map, now hosts regular regional, national and international workshops under the auspices of the International Marcé Society and Postpartum Support International, acclaimed by participants from 40 different countries. Most important of all, these teaching and networking activities have transformed the local practices: the way mothers, babies and families access care, the way many major episodes can be now be prevented.

In his efforts to organize better care for mothers, Dr. Omay helped to introduce Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT) as one of the best-suited treatment options for perinatal women, both in France and Turkey. He is now an active supervisor and trainer in both countries where he teaches IPT in French, English and Turkish.

Trained by Scott Stuart, Oguz Omay got additional training in IPT and IPSRT by Mike O'Hara, Rebecca Reay, Marc Blom, Simon Patry, Ellen Frank and Holly Swartz. In France, in addition to his own perinatal group, Oguz Omay collaborates closely with Frederic Kochman, Thierry Bottai and Laurent Jacquesy trained in New York and Pittsburgh (CREATIP). The French group is particularly proud to mix harmoniously different sensibilities of IsIPT.

In Turkey, thanks to Nazan Aydin and Haluk Savas, close collaborators of Oguz Omay, there has been a presentation on IPT in every major national psychiatry congress since 2013. In 2015, Dr. Omay has organized many workshops in Turkey and France to further promote the dissemination of IPT, a pace set to continue.

Having been an isolated clinician himself, Oguz Omay cherishes the stimulating contact with researchers and clinicians. He is also very keen on creating a warm environment for profound debates and exchanges, a hallmark of the workshops organized in La Teppe which has become a hub for IPT training in France.

Contact Info

Email: oguz.omay26@gmail.com
Phone: +33475075949

La Teppe Medical Center Perinatal Psychiatry Unit 25 avenue de la Bouterne France
Tain l'Hermitage, -------------------, 26600