IPT Training is available to all clinicians and students. 

Training includes on-site courses, on-line courses in real time, and webinar short-courses you can access at your convenience.  All include the opportunity for APA CE credits.

During the Covid-19 crisis, we are focusing on synchronous on-line courses (real time) as they enable the interactions between students and instructors that are a crucial part of IPT training.  We are also using this opportunity to create on-going communities for clinicians, supervisors, and trainers, with continued support to small groups of trainees following each training course.

Certification in IPT is recommended but not required. Certification programs for clinicians include Community-Based Training and IPT Certified Therapist Training. Training and certification for IPT Supervisors and Instructors is also available for clinicians who have completed the Certified Therapist Training and have been endorsed by their supervisor.  

IPT Training Courses

* Level A Basic Training in IPT (16 hours)

* Booster Training in IPT (8 hours)

* Advanced Training in IPT (8-16 hours)

* Perinatal IPT (16 hours)

* Group IPT training (16 hours)

* IPT Supervisor Training (16 hours)

* IPT Instructors Workshop (16 hours)

* IPT Case Supervision (small group or individual)



IPT Training Pathways

There is a sequential pathway for IPT training and certification (see flow chart below).

Step one is basic training in IPT (IPT Clinical Training- LEVEL A).  This Level A course can be a general course in IPT, or can be a Level A course in IPT for adolescents or IPT for perinatal women and families.  The course, either live on-line or in person, is 16 hours and involves didactic instruction in IPT along with video review and discussion, small group interactions, and practice of IPT skills and techniques.

Upon completion of an IPT Institute Level A course, step two can begin.  This includes community-based case supervision individually or in small groups along with submission and approval of two portfolios at a satisfactory level of quality and adherence.  Completion of  LEVEL B Community-Based Training also requires completion of an 8 hour IPT Booster Course.  The entire Community-Based Training program is designed to be completed within 6-8 months.  

For those who complete Level B and wish to continue to step three, two more individually supervised cases and satisfactory portfolios are required.  Upon completion, clinicians are designated IPT Certified Therapists (LEVEL C).

Step four, if desired, is IPT Supervisor Training (LEVEL D).  This requires nomination by the Level C supervisor and an application to the IPT Institute.  Supervisor training requires a 16 hour course and co-leading a supervision group with an experienced supervisor at a satisfactory level, as well as a supervision portfolio from additional supervision groups.

And finally, those nominated by their supervisor and trainer can continue to step five, IPT Instructor Training (LEVEL E).  This training is reserved for very experienced IPT clinicians and requires 16 hours of coursework and co-teaching of several courses at a satisfactory level.

IPT Certification

Certification from the IPT Institute is provided at the following levels:

Level A (Clinical Training in IPT)

Level B (Community-Based Training in IPT)

Level C (IPT Certified Therapist)

Level D (IPT Certified Supervisor)

Level E (IPT Certified Instructor)