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Your membership includes a listing in the Membership Directory.  You can edit your profile using the Profile Form below.

Your professional profile information can be displayed publicly on the IPT Directory pages.  The Directory includes a search function so that clients and other therapists can find your information and contact you.  Placing your professional profile in the Directory is a great way to promote your training and clinical services.

The Directory pages include:

IPT CLINICIANS who have completed Level A Training

IPT CERTIFIED THERAPISTS who have completed Community-Based and Level C certification

IPT FACULTY who are certified Consultants

IPT FELLOWS who are certified Instructors

Only the professional information you provide will be displayed in the Directory.  You can add or update your data or add descriptive information (up to 500 words) in the free text area of the Profile Form.

If you do not want any professioanl information displayed, you may opt out by clinicking “no” when asked “Do you want your contact information listed in the IPT Directory?” on the Profile Form.

The IPT Institute is not responsible for the accuracy of the information you provide.  The IPT Institute is not responsible for unwarranted use of the information you provide.

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