Submission instructions

  •  Be sure you have all materials ready to submit. 

  • Be sure that all materials are labelled with your name and your consultant’s name.

  • Be sure to complete a self-evaluation for each of your two portfolios. The link for your self-evaluation at the bottom of this page. Please complete this evaluation after uploading all other materials. This form should submit automatically once completed.

  • Please note: 

    All documents are uploaded to the system. This system is completely secure and HIPAA compliant. 

    For problems or questions with the submission process, contact us at for help.

    UPLOad Documents and Files Here

    Each item should be uploaded separately. Please label all files with your first and last name, your consultant’s name, and the case number (either 1 or 2), and the date. 

    Example: John-Smith-Stuart-Interpersonal-Inventory-2-Jan-01-2021

    Self Evaluation

    Please click the link to complete your self-evaluation. This will be automatically submitted after completion. After this submission, your portfolio is complete. 

    Thank you and please contact us at for any questions! 

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