Thanks for attending the IPT Level A Training Course!

We hope your experience was good and that you are already starting to use IPT in your clinical practice.

After each course, we ask participants to complete a post-course evaluation and test.  There are several reasons for this.  First, we are interested in your feedback, both about how we can improve the course and about what you thought of the training and instructor(s).  Second, we are interested in knowing how much you learned from the course.  No passing score is required, but we’d appreciate it if you do your best on the post-test because we also use it to evaluate how well the instructor(s) taught the material.

Completion of the post conference evaluation also allows you to add your profile to the list of IPT therapists on the IPT Institute website.  Once we receive your evaluation we’ll send an e-mail to you with a username and password for the website registry. We’ll also email you a certificate of completion from the IPT Institute.

If you have any questions or other detailed feedback, please feel free to email us at 

And thanks again for coming to the course!


Scott Stuart, MD
Director, IPT Institute


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