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Course Description

Participants will work to improve their skills as IPT trainers.  Our goal is to create and sustain a community of colleagues devoted to supporting each other as learners and instructors.

The course is specifically designed to include BOTH didactic and experiential training.  Participants will have weekly assignments and will be required to present training materials to other participants as part of this training.  We will emphasize skills development for teaching for both small groups and larger audiences.  The course will also provide on-going community following the formal conclusion of the eight weeks of training, with mentoring and peer support both informally and at regular monthly meetings throughout the year.

Interested participants must apply for this course.  Clinicians who have completed Level C training or equivalent may apply.  

All class sessions will be in two hour blocks every week on Saturdays from 10 AM to noon Central Daylight Time.  Please be SURE that you have the correct time for your home location when you register.

IPT instructors’ COURSE
2-hour blocks from 10 AM to noon CDT every saturday for eight weeks  
  Saturday  May 23, 2020
  saturday   May 30, 2020
  saturday june 6, 2020
  saturday june 13, 2020
  saturday june 20, 2020
  saturday june 27, 2020
  saturday july 11, 2020
  saturday july 18, 2020

 Course enrollment is limited to 20 people– please register early.  The course includes 16 hours of CE credits.


To apply, email with 

subject line “IPT Instructor’s Course”


Continuing Education Information

The IPT Institute is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. The IPT Institute maintains responsibility for this program and its content.

IPT Instructors’ Training

Educational Objectives:

This CE Course is targeted towards all interested clinicians who have completed Level C or equivalent training.  The instructional level is advanced.

At the conclusion of this course, the participant should be able to:
1) Teach the basic principles of IPT
2) Teach the research literature regarding IPT
3) Develop appropriate IPT teaching materials
4) Help learners identify patients for whom IPT would be an appropriate treatment
5) Teach an Interpersonal Inventory
6) Teach an Interpersonal Formulation and Summary
7) Teach the Biopsychosocial/Cultural/Spiritual model
8) Teach the collection of an Interpersonal Incident
9) Teach a Role Play
10) Teach how to construct an Interpersonal Dispute Graph
11) Teach how to construct a Transition Timeline
12) Teach how to conclude IPT and start maintenance treatment
13) Teach the 4 Attachment styles used in IPT
14) Teach the 3 IPT Problem Areas and strategies for addressing them
15) Teach Communication Analysis
16) Teach the IPT approach for grief and lossSchedule:

10 AM to noon CDT every Thursday for eight weeks

$500 per person

Refund/Cancellation Policy:
A $100 charge will be applied for all cancellations. No refunds will be given.

Instructor Credentials:
Please see “About the Instructor” link for detailed information

CE Credits Offered:
16 CE credits are offered for this training. No partial credit will be given.
All educational activities at this training will offer CE credit.

Commercial Support for CE Programs or Instructors:
There is no commercial support for this CE Program. There are no conflicts of interest for the instructor for this CE Program.

For information about the CE grievance procedure, please click the link below.

IPT Institute CE Grievance Procedure