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Ivandro Monteiro

PhD, EME Saude | Academia de Psicoterapia Interpessoal

IPT Therapist
IPT Faculty
IPT Fellow

Professional Biography

Position: Clinical Psychologist & IPT Psychotherapist, Founder & Director IPT Academy, University Professor
Academic Affiliation: Founder & Director
Professional Degree: PhD
Primary Language: Portuguese
Secondary Language: English

Level A Training Completed: 16/08/2008
Additional Training: Level A | Level B | Level C | Level D | Level E

Interpersonal Psychotherapist, Trainer and mentor (level E).
Psychologist recognized by the Order of Portuguese Psychologists in 3 specialities : “Clinical Psychology” ; “Work, Social and Organizational Psychology” and “Psychotherapy” .
Certified Psychological COACH (member of the International Society for Coaching Psychology) / Certified Psychotherapist (member International Society for Interpersonal Psychotherapy) University Professor (since 2001). PhD Doctoral Degree (Univ. Minho) and Master's Degree (Univ. Minho) Certificate of Achievement (University of Memphis, USA) Founder and Director of EME SAÚDE (2011) and founder and Director of the API ACADEMY OF INTERPERSONAL PSYCHOTHERAPY (since 2006).

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Email: geral@academiatip.com
Phone: +351226066942
Website: https://academiatip.com/

Rua Júlio Dinis, n. 561, 5º, Office 503 4050-012 Porto | Portugal
Porto, -------------------, 4050-012