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Lakshmi Nair Kanangottu

Tara Clinic

IPT Therapist

Professional Biography

Position: Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist
Academic Affiliation: Kutztown University of Pennsylvania
Professional Degree: Masters in Clinical Psychology, M.Phil in Clinical Psychology, MCFC from Kutztown University
Primary Language: English
Secondary Language: English

Level A Training Completed: 05/27/2020
Additional Training: Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

I am pursuing a Master's in MCFC at the Kutztown University of Pennsylvania. My work mainly involves Psychotherapy for individuals, families, and couples. Interests include Psychoanalytic psychotherapy, Dialectical behavioral therapy, Marital and Family Therapy, Developmental Psychopathology, Crisis management, Cognitive behavioral therapy, Personality disorders, Health Psychology and Psychometrics.

• Completed the Interpersonal Psychotherapy, A level training, conducted by Scott Stuart of Interpersonal Psychotherapy Training Institute (online training IOWA, the USA in May 2019, and received membership as an IPT Clinician (APA).
• Trainee in Psychoanalytic oriented Psychotherapy (June 2015 -June 2016 & Sept 2019 – Nov 2021)
• CITI training in Conflict of Interest, IRB Chair, Responsible Conduct of Research for Administrators, and Social and Behavioral Responsible Conduct of Research.

Internship & research experience, Multiple publications & presentations, and Volunteer Experience.

Contact Info

Email: lakshminair.psy@gmail.com
Phone: 0000000

East Hill Rd, near Union Bank, Vikas Nagar Housing Colony, West Nadakkave, Chakkorathukulam, Kozhikode, Kerala 673006, India
Calicut, Kerala, 673006