Ashley Gisi

Denham Counseling Center

IPT Therapist

Professional Biography

Primary Language: English
Secondary Language: Spanish

Level A Training Completed: 11/22/2019

THANK YOU for taking time to read about my work. My clients are remarkable and courageous. They may not always feel powerful or worthy, but they have been willing to go beyond what is comfortable for them to reach out for change. We all walk through seasons... sometimes with purpose and peace and other times misunderstood, directionless or exhausted. When a difficult season endures and we feel stuck, therapy is a tool that has the potential to change everything. Just a speck of willingness can motivate the baby steps needed to restore hope, healing and joy.
I have been counseling children, adults and families in various roles for 17 years. It gives me great joy to be able to engage and connect clients who have had previous bad experiences or who are not so sure therapy can help them. It is my job to EARN your trust. I do not take that lightly. I am very blessed to do this work.
I have a strong spiritual focus in my practice. I will create and defend a safe space for you to examine patterns and hurts that have been keeping you stuck without judgment and without shame. I honor you for taking the first step to explore here. It is a show of your strength and hope.

Contact Info

Phone: 707-392-8065

419 Elizabeth Street
Vacaville, California, 95688
United States