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Mary Escarce

Licensed Clinical Psychologist, BabyAttuned

IPT Therapist

Professional Biography

Position: Pediatric/Child Clinical Psychologist in Private Practice
Professional Degree: PhD, MA, MSN
Primary Language: English
Secondary Language: Spanish

Level A Training Completed: 09/13/2019

I am a licensed clinical psychologist with a specialization in infant/family and early childhood mental health (emotional and social well-being) and a practice focus on clinical child and pediatric psychology. I also have training, experience and certification as both a school psychologist and a pediatric nurse practitioner (RN, CPNP, MSN). I provide child assessments for infants, children and adolescents. Assessments address developmental, psychoeducational (aptitude/IQ/giftedness, pre-academic and academic achievement), behavioral/social/emotional, and diagnostic concerns. Assessments may include observations of children in their school, childcare setting, camp, or home. I also provide therapy for children, parents and families (e.g., parent-infant/child; family; interpersonal (ITP) and cognitive behavioral (CBT) therapies.) I offer education for parents, parent coaching, and consultations to expectant parents, child care settings, preschools, and schools.

Contact Info

Email: info@eephd.com
Phone: 3109135441
Website: http://www.eileenescarcephd.com

1137 Second Street Suite 204
Santa Monica, California, 90403
United States