About the IPT Institute

The IPT Institute is an organization devoted to the certification of IPT clinicians, supervisors, and trainers.

The Mission of the IPT Institute is to:

  • Establish IPT training standards
  • Ensure that IPT is delivered with a high level of adherence and at high quality
  • Develop a cadre of highly trained and certified IPT clinicians, supervisors, and trainers
  • Conduct research regarding IPT training and adherence

The IPT Institute was founded in 2009.  The Institute was developed specifically to develop and promote clear standards for IPT training and certification.  The IPT Institute was also developed to coordinate efforts with the International Society of Interpersonal Psychotherapy (ISIPT).  The IPT Institute co-sponsored of the 5th International ISIPT conference in Iowa City in June 2013.

The IPT Institute hosted its first annual training conference in 2014 in Las Vegas; the second annual conference will be held in Las Vegas in July 2015.