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Tiffany Dawson

Psychologist, Tiffany A. Dawson, Private Practice

IPT Therapist

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Academic Affiliation: PGSP-Stanford
Professional Degree: PsyD
Primary Language: English

I have had over 13 years experience impacting the lives of children, adolescents and adults with emotional disturbances and often extensive trauma histories. The symptom presentation can range but often the cause is a mixture of biological factors and environmental stress combined with an inability to effectively process and deal with these stresses. I create meaningful working relationships, even when someone may be skeptical of the benefits of therapy. I then work collaboratively to improve coping skills and the ability to handle challenging situations with minimal to no impairment today and in the future.
I focus on developing insights into how the past affects our current behavior and ability to form meaningful relationships. Becoming unstuck from difficult experiences and better understanding maladaptive behaviors allows people to make meaningful change now in the present day that will lead to a more fulfilling and happy future.

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Email: drtiffanydawson@gmail.com
Phone: 310-745-0707
Website: http://drtiffanydawson.com

2309 Pacific Coast Highway #102
Hermosa Beach, California, 90254
United States