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Ali Abuhekmah

Ministry Of Health

IPT Therapist

Professional Biography

Position: Senior Clinical Psychologist
Academic Affiliation: Master degree in Clinical Psychology
Professional Degree: Senior Clinical Psychologist
Primary Language: Arabic
Secondary Language: English

Level A Training Completed: 20/04/2018
Additional Training: Training at King Fahd University Hospital 900 training hours Advanced(CBT)18month training 2012-2014

Education & Qualifications:

1- Master degree in Clinical Psychology,Dammam University – Psychiatry department – College of Medicine,2015(Alkhobar city – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)
2- Master degree in Psychology (counselling psychology)King Khalid University – Psychology department 2008-2015(Abha city – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)
3-Bachelor of psychology (clinical psychology)King Khalid University (Previously King Saud University)– Psychology department 1999-2002 (Abha city – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

Work Experience:

1- Clinical Psychologist at Abha Mental Health Hospital July 27, 2006 till now "Clinical Psychologist at clinical psychology Department in hospital"
2- Clinical Psychologist at Abha Comprehensive Rehabilitation Center: (December 23rd, 2003 – July 26th 2006) "Clinical Psychologist at medical and psychological unit and internal department"

Scientific & Academic Output:

 A study "Quality Of Life among Obsessive–compulsive disorder and social anxiety patients in the light of demographic Variables". 2016


 A study “Coping Skills with Job Stress and its Relationships with Job Satisfaction of Primary Health Care Physicians According to some Demographic Variables in Asir Health Administration ". 2009

 Various articles in the field of "psychological health, clinical psychology and social psychology" in world health occasions and locally as well 2007-2017

 Empirical study "the impact of using play therapy in decreasing withdrawal behavior among children with autism" 2006

 Descriptive surveying study on “studying of the personal characters of autistic children from social, emotional, mental and linguistic aspects " 2005

Contact Info

Email: a-cp@hotmail.com
Phone: 0500109449
Website: https://iptinstitute.com

4660 Additional No. /8911 World Mail / SP-656839419
Abha, Aseer, 62527
Saudi Arabia