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IPT Training Overview

IPT Training is available to all clinicians and students.  Courses include Level A introductory courses suitable for all clinicians as well as courses in Group IPT, Perinatal IPT, Advanced IPT, and IPT for Couples for clinicians who have completed Level A training.  Continuing Education Credit is available for all courses.

Certification in IPT is recommended but not required.  Certification programs for clinicians include Community-Based Training, Modular Training, and Research Level Training.   

Training and certification for IPT Supervisors and Trainers is also available for clinicians who have completed one of the clinical certification programs.


The IPT Institute offers the following training programs: 

Level A Basic Training in IPT (2 days)

*  Group IPT training (2 days)

*  Booster Training in IPT (1 day)

*  Advanced Training in IPT (2 days)

*  IPT for Couples (2 days)

*  Perinatal IPT (2 days)

*  IPT Supervisor Training (2 days)

*  IPT Trainers Workshop (2 days)


There are 3 different training tracks to complete IPT clinical certification

1) Community-Based Training and Certification

2) Modular Training and Certification

3) Research Level Training and Certification


The diagram summarizes the IPT training pathways

IPT Certification schematic graphic 2016-0-08


The Interpersonal Psychotherapy Institute is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists


Contact us at iptinstitute@outlook.com for more information