Machel Best

Machel Best

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Alameda Health System

IPT Therapist

Professional Biography

Position: Clinical Social Worker
Academic Affiliation: San Diego State University (BA) and California State University, Dominguez Hills (MSW)
Professional Degree: MSW
Primary Language: English
Secondary Language: None

Level A Training Completed: 11/21/2014
Additional Training: Certified in both IPT & CBT; also trained in DBT, Seeking Safety, and Motivational Interviewing.

LCSW Machel Best is a licensed clinical social worker with over almost 10 years in the social services field, where he has provided counseling, psychotherapy and case management, amongst other services. Machel has experience working with various age groups from children, transitional aged youth (16-24), adults, to older adults. His areas of specialty include Cognitive Reframing, Dialectical Interventions, treating complex traumas, and working with populations with acute symptoms using wrap around services.

Machel Best is trained in a variety of modalities including but not limited to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Interpersonal Therapy (IPT), Seeking Safety, and Motivational Interviewing.

Working with inner-city populations is one of Machel Best’s passion, having great experience servicing those in the Los Angeles and Bay Area communities.

Machel Best earned his Masters of Social Work (MSW) from California State University, Dominguez Hills, which emphasizes Critical Race Theory, Intersectionality, and servicing marginalized communities from a perspective of cultural competence. Previously, he earned his Bachelors in Urban Studies (With an Emphasis in Public Administration) from San Diego State University.

Contact Info

Phone: (619) 786-4113

1411 E 31st St
Oakland, California, 94602
United States