IPT Community-Based Certification

IPT Consultation Calls and Portfolio Reviews


Community-Based Certification is open to clinicians who have completed Level A Training through the IPT Institute.  Research shows that participation in supervision/consultation is a necessary part of developing competence in IPT.  Upon completion of the calls and reviews, you will be registered as a Certified Community-Based IPT Clinician.


You can learn more about the IPT Community-Based Certification process here.  The requirements are:

  • Completion of an IPT Institute accredited two day Level A Course
  • Completion of at least 10 of 12 biweekly hour-long group consultation calls
  • Submission of two satisfactory IPT portfolios, with each including a case report of treatment, Interpersonal Inventory, Interpersonal Formulation, Self-Evaluation From, and an audio or videotape of one session which meets standards for quality and adherence
  • Regular participation in ongoing Booster or Advanced Training every 3 years


The consultation groups (4-6 clinicians each) will meet via phone/internet bi-weekly for one hour for a total of 12 meetings (six months) and will focus on deepening your IPT knowledge and skills through your work with IPT clients.  You will then submit two case portfolios for evaluation of your work.  All tracking of your participation and feedback and submission of portfolios can be done on-line through the IPT Institute.


The total cost for the 12 consultation meetings and 2 portfolio reviews is $500. 


Continuing education credit (12 hours) approved by the American Psychological Association for psychologists is available for an additional $100 administrative fee.

IPT Consultation and Portfolio Review

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