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Anthony Hillin

Director, PD Plus

IPT Therapist
IPT Faculty
IPT Fellow

Professional Biography

Position: Director, trainer and mental health workforce development consultant
Academic Affiliation: AASW
Professional Degree: B Soc Stud (SW), M Adol MH
Primary Language: English

Level A Training Completed: 2005
Additional Training: Level E

Anthony Hillin is an IPT trainer and mental health workforce development consultant, specialising in experiential learning design. Anthony has provided introductory level training in IPT for adolescents and adults to over 3000 clinicians since 2004, together with Rob McAlpine. Anthony also provides advanced level training in IPT.

Anthony’s professional development programs have introduced a range of creative tools and techniques new to IPT, including holistic approaches to assessment and interpersonal formulation, and clinical tools to address the Problem Areas of IPT. Anthony’s innovative workshops also demonstrate the use of techniques such as mindfulness and art and craft based activities, to complement the more familiar methods for addressing the aims and objectives of IPT.

Anthony has an interest in social justice and ensuring that the particular needs of minority groups are addressed in clinical work. His training programs include applications of IPT for Indigenous, same sex attracted and culturally and linguistically diverse young people and adults.

Anthony has implemented a range of strategic approaches to clinical supervision in IPT, building on therapist's existing competencies to maximise cost effective and sustainable outcomes. Components include structured peer supervision, video conferencing and expert consultation.

Anthony has over 30 years’ experience working on adolescent and adult issues, as a clinician, trainer, manager of an adolescent mental health service and contributor to mental health policy development. His training and consulting has been commissioned by over 100 agencies in Australia, USA, Europe and Asia, including 15 annual teaching tours of the UK. Anthony’s work spans a range of issues including grief & loss, experiential learning design and Train the Trainer programs.

While based at the New South Wales Institute of Psychiatry for 12 years, Anthony and Rob developed Australia’s largest and most comprehensive interagency training program in adolescent mental health. Anthony continues to deliver a suite of courses in social, emotional and mental health and well-being to mental health clinicians, school psychologists, social workers and related staff. Anthony co-developed and delivered the NSW Aboriginal Grief and Loss Training Program.

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