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Please note that due to the COVID-19 crisis, the IPT Institute courses, including the Annual Conference, are all LIVE ONLINE. We hope to add in-person training to our course options in 2022.


IPT Level A 

October 2021

IPT for Adolescents

October 2021

IPT for Perinatal Anxiety & Depression

November 2021

IPT for Groups

November 2021

Supervisor Course

Africa, Asia, & Australia

November 2021


Supervisor Course

Americas and Europe

November 2021


about us

experts in interpersonal psychotherapy training

The Mission of the IPT Institute is to help clinicians around the world to deliver high quality, evidence-based therapy to their clients through teaching and research in IPT, and to build communities to support and sustain their work.


Inclusive Welcome

We welcome clinicians and students from all training backgrounds. We train social workers, nurses, physicians, counselors, and psychologists.

Personalized attention

The majority of our courses are live-online or in-person, with opportunities to interact with our trainers.

Online Courses

We quickly adapted our courses to be feasible on-line, following the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to our live-online courses, we hope to offer self-paced online courses soon!

Perinatal Expertise

We offer Perinatal IPT training by Dr. Scott Stuart, who is a foremost expert in Perinatal psychiatry.

Follow up

We know that learning a new therapy can be hard, especially with all the work you're doing! We offer follow-up supervision, booster courses, consultation, and more to help you feel confident on your journey.


We are partnered with NAME in China, allowing us to offer IPT trainings in Chinese. We have also done similarly translated trainings in Greece and NAME. We also offer Handbooks in multiple languages.

“The training this week was one of the best I’ve ever been to. I love the way that modeling graciousness is a part of the IPT model. You all execute that beautifully throughout the registration and training.” 

-Dr. Elizabeth S

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