IPt panel discussions

Friday June 16, 2023 9:00 aM- 4:30 PM


      09:00   Cultural Diversity in IPT

     10:30   International Implementation of IPT

     12:00   IPT for Patients with Trauma

     13:30   Gender Diversity in IPT

We are excited to present a series of interactive conversations with IPT experts regarding IPT and diversity and implementation.  The moderated discussions will be focused on the ways in which IPT can be adapted using the Biopsychosocial/Cultural/Spiritual model which is particularly suited to diverse clients, clinicians, and clinical settings.

These discussion sessions will focus on a variety of topics relevant to the adaptation of IPT in different cultures, countries, and treatment settings around the world.  Each session will start with a brief presentation by the panelists followed by an open moderated discussion.  Participants are encouraged to share their views and experiences as part of the international IPT community.



Scott Stuart, MD

Olga Belik, PhD



IPT Experts

Shaina Siber-Sanderowitz, LCSW     (Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona)


Olga Belik, PhD                                        (St. John’s Hospital, Santa Monica, California)

Elyse Springer, LMFT                               (Los Angeles, California)


Hui Ching Low, LCSW                             (Singapore)


Anna Maria Garcia-Lantano, MD            (Manila, Philippines)


Roscoe Kasujja, MD                           (Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda)

Scott Fairhurst, PhD                           (Los Angeles, California)


Ceth Ashen, PhD                                     (Los Angeles, California)


Jessica Schultz, PhD                               (Augustana College, Rock Island, Illinois)

Jessica Shaffer, LCSW                             (Los Angeles County Dept of Mental Health)


Ioannis Tachmatzidis, PhD                       (Athens, Greece)


Umi Adzlin Silim, MD                       (Putrajaya, Malaysia)


Sharon Ben-Rafael, PhD                       (Tel Aviv, Israel)