IPt & Magic

Saturday June 17, 2023 15:00- 17:00


Magic is one of the great performing arts, and is replete with structure and storytelling.  The point is to engage and influence participants, and at its best, to get the viewer to think and feel differently after the experience.

There are obvious comparisons between magic and psychotherapy, and much to learn from experts in the field of magical arts.

The session will include a performance by Chris Hannibal, winner of the Magic Castle Magician of the Year.  Hannibal is a maestro storyteller and magician, and will amaze you with his acumen and sleight of hand.

Following the performance we’ll have an opportunity to talk in detail about how he creates stories, engages audiences, and works to craft an experience that viewers will not forget.  And we’ll talk about how those same ideas and concepts can be translated into your work with clients in IPT.


Check out some of Hannibal’s magical work here: