Meeting the Moments:
How Deliberate Practice During IPT Supervision Improves Clinician Decision Making During Sessions
thursday June 15, 2023 12:00- 13:30


This session will focus on one of the most effective yet paradoxically most neglected elements of clinical supervision: PRACTICE. 

We will clarify the famously misunderstood concept that 10,000 hours of practice are necessary to master a skill, particularly noting how those hours are effective only if they are focused and deliberate. 

To ensure that participants’ IPT therapy and supervision skills improve as a result of this presentation, in addition to didactic presentation, there will be opportunities to practice the Developmental Model of Supervision as applied to IPT specifically.  We will cover ways to engage supervisees, to structure supervision, and to give supervisory feedback with IPT cases.  

The session will include interactive discussion and participant role playing as well as observations of experts demonstrating supervision techniques.


Scott Fairhurst, PhD


    Scott Fairhurst, Ph.D., is the Vice President of Training, Outcomes & Evaluation, and Business Analytics at Pacific Clinics, the largest Community Behavioral Health agency in California. His focus is on making it easier for clinicians and clients to see the impact of their work, including which activities are most likely to help and what impacts we are most likely to see. This transparent sharing of the process is what first drew him to IPT; the notion that a case conceptualization includes how the client sees their own goals, needs, network, strengths, and improvements.  In his role at Pacific Clinics (Los Angeles), the combination of outcomes monitoring and best practices training allows him to influence the agency’s culture in this same way.  Scott earned his doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the University of Houston in 1994.