Member Benefits

  1. Registration as a Certified IPT Therapist
  2. Registration as a Certified IPT Supervisor
  3. Posting of Certified Training Events on IPT Institute website
  4. Access to IPT teaching and supervision materials
  5. Opportunities to participate in IPT research
  6. Discounts to IPT Training Conferences
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Level A Members Resources

You can find information here that you will need to complete additional registration in the IPT Institute.


Level B Application and Forms

To Apply for Level B, you must complete both the APPLICATION form and the SUPERVISOR EVALUATION form.  Your IPT supervisor must also complete a THERAPIST EVALUATION form which he or she can find in the Level D Members Resources section.   All 3 of these forms must be completed before your application can be processed.

Once you have been approved for membership, a weblink will be sent to you and you can complete the registration payment. You will then receive a password for the IPT Institute site, and a Level B certificate will be mailed to you.

Level B Application Form

Level B Supervisor Evaluation form