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Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT) is an empirically validated treatment for mood disorders, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, and PTSD, and can be used transdiagnostically to provide effective treatment to a wide variety of clients. IPT is recognized as an evidence-based treatment by Australia’s Medicare Better Access Initiative, as well as by the American Psychological Association.

IPT is a time-limited treatment which includes provision for maintenance treatment for clients that need longer-term care. It is based on attachment and interpersonal theory, and emphasizes that a client’s relationships impact the client’s experience of distress, and that the client’s distress also impacts those around them. IPT utilizes a Biopschosocial/Cultural/Spiritual model which recognizes the specific influences of culture and spirituality on distress and community.

Workshop participants will learn the basics of IPT for general use and will be fully equipped to conduct IPT at the end of the course.  This IPT Level A is open to all interested clinicians at any level of training.  We suggest Interpersonal Psychotherapy: A Clinician’s Guide (2nd Edition) as reading prior to the training.  The course includes an overview of IPT theory but is primarily focused on learning and mastering the direct clinical application of IPT using interactive exercises as well as video reviews and discussions of IPT sessions, techniques and strategies.  

All participants will receive a Level A certificate upon completion of the course. 

All participants will also be eligible to continue with IPT supervision and certification if desired (see below).



two days of 8-hour blocks 9 AM PM to 5 PM

Tuesday april 16, 2024

wednesday april 17, 2024

Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium     317 Outram Road, SIngapore 169075


additional training information

IPT community-based certification (Level B)

Community-Based Certification in IPT (Level B) is recommended (but not required) following the Level A Training in April.  If you are interested in pursuing Community-Based Certification, you can register and pay tuition below so that you can begin supervision after completion of the Level A Course.

Community-Based Certification in IPT (Level B) is a training protocol the IPT Institute has been using to ensure that clinicians can reliably deliver high quality IPT with good outcomes.  The four-step training process has been used by the IPT Institute since 2011, and over 4000 clinicians have completed the certification protocol.  We are currently using the protocol in training projects in California, New York, and the Veterans’ Administration in the US as well as in Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, the Philippines, China, and Korea among many other countries.

The Community-Based Training Certification protocol consists of 4 steps:

1) Completion of a Level A Course

2) Completion of 12 hour-long small group consultation sessions

3) Submission of 2 patient portfolios

4) Completion of an Advanced/Booster IPT course.

Completion of these 4 steps results in Level B Certification, which also allows participants to continue to move towards IPT supervisory status.  Cost for step #2 (Twelve Consultation Sessions) is $1080 SGD; cost for step #3 (Two Portfolio Reviews) is $600 SGD; cost for step #4 (Advanced Course) is $275 SGD.  We’ll have Advanced Courses in July and September 2024.  

More information about the Community-Based Training Protocol can be found at

If you would like to sign up for the Community-Based Certification (Level B), you can do so below by choosing the option to add Supervision and Portfolios to the Level A course.  Registration for the Advanced/Booster IPT Course will be open in April.


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