We extend a warm welcome to all IPT colleagues! 


The 2023 General Clinical Conference will be

LIVE On-Line for all sessions. 


As always, the Annual IPT Clinical Conference will focus on clinical applications of IPTAll sessions include interactive discussions and demonstrations of IPT as well as opportunities to practice new tools and techniques.  All sessions will include specific opportunities for discussion and participant interactivites, and are designed to build skills with clinical work, supervision, and teaching.  We are emphasizing participatory seminars rather than lecture style presentations to maximize learning learning.

Day ONE features IPT clinical skills, Day TWO the use of IPT with diverse patients, and Day THREE features training in supervision and teaching of IPT.  DON’T MISS the seminar on IPT and Magic on Day THREE!!  (See full schedule and details below)



All sessions are open to all clinicians



You can register for any of the single days, any two day combination, or all three days of the conference:

One Day $200      Two Days $350      Three Days $400


Come with a friend to save even more– groups of two or more can save an additional $50 for each registration.


IPT Clinical Conference 2023



IPT Clinical Conference 2023- BRING A FRIEND




            (click on the session for details & facilitators)


All times are CDT (Chicago)– please be sure to note the correct time for your location


JUNE 15, 2023 (THURSDAY)– IPT Clinical Skills

      09:00   IPT for Grief and Loss: Getting on the Path of Healing with an                        IPT Tool for Grief and Loss

     10:30   IPT for Interpersonal Disputes: Acceptance of Change Tool

     12:00   Using Deliberate Practice to Master and Supervise IPT

     13:30   Clinical Use of Role Playing in IPT

     15:00   The Disclosure Timeline: Using an Interpersonal Framework                            to Support Gender Diverse Clients through Transition


JUNE 16, 2023 (FRIDAY)– IPT Implementation

       09:00   Cultural Diversity in IPT

     10:30   International Implementation of IPT

     12:00   IPT for Patients with Trauma

     13:30   Gender Diversity in IPT

     15:00   IPT and Installation of Hope


JUNE 17, 2023 (SATURDAY)

Supervision and Teaching IPT

      09:00   Supervising IPT– Advanced Supervision Skills

     10:30   Utilizing Role Playing in Supervision

     12:00   Teaching IPT– Advanced Teaching Skills

     13:30   Telling Stories in IPT

     15:00   IPT and Magic– A Mystical Confluence– Don’t Miss This!!

     17:00   Conclusion and Social Time