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Course Description

The IPT Institute supervisor course is open only to clinicians who have completed Level A training and supervision in IPT.  Admission to the course is by application only.

The course consists of two separate tracks:

1) General Supervision Track

2) IPT Level D Certification Track

Both tracks include BOTH didactic and experiential training.  The course will also provide opportunities for continuing mentoring and peer support both informally and at regular monthly meetings throughout the year. Our goal is to create and sustain a community of colleagues devoted to supporting each other as learners and supervisors. 

The General Supervision Track will cover theories of supervision and practical supervision techniques.  We will rely heavily on role-playing, observation, and discussion during the course.

The IPT Level D Certification Track is the first step in becoming an IPT Institute certified supervisor.  In addition to the information in the General instruction, the Level D track will cover specific IPT supervision skills, reliability of ratings of portfolios, and the use of the IPT Institute Learning Management System for use with supervisees.  The complete requirements for Level D Certification are listed here: CERTIFICATION REQUIREMENTS.  Participants in the Level D Certification Track are required to have completed IPT Institute Certified Training Levels A, B, and C.  Participants in this track are also required to have a videotape of a real or simulated supervision session or IPT therapy session to show during the training (please ensure you have appropriate permission to use any recordings for this purpose and ask us for guidance if you are not clear about this requirement).


Both class sessions will be in four-hour blocks November 20 and 21 from 10:00 AM to 14:00 PM noon Central Standard Time (Chicago).  Please be SURE that you have the correct time for your home location when you apply.


 Cost for the course (both tracks) is $250 USD.  
 Enrollment is limited– please apply early.  
 The course includes 8 hours of APA CE credits.


To apply, complete the form below or email with subject line “IPT 

Supervisor’s Course Americas, Africa and Europe”


Inquiries about Training

    Continuing Education Information

    The IPT Institute is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. The IPT Institute maintains responsibility for this program and its content.

    IPT Supervisors’ Training

    Educational Objectives:

    This CE Course is targeted towards all interested clinicians who have completed Level C or equivalent training.  The instructional level is advanced.

    At the conclusion of this course, the participant should be able to:
    1) Describe IPT supervisory skills
    2) Describe how to utilize role playing in supervision
    3) Develop appropriate IPT supervisory materials
    4) Help supervisees identify patients for whom IPT would be an appropriate treatment
    5) Supervise an Interpersonal Inventory
    6) Supervise an Interpersonal Formulation and Summary
    7) Apply the IPT supervisor curriculum
    8) Supervise an Interpersonal Incident
    9) Reliably rate IPT sessions for quality and adherence
    10) Supervise construction of an Interpersonal Dispute Graph
    11) Supervise construction of a Transition Timeline
    12) Supervise the conclusion of IPT and the start maintenance treatment
    13) Describe how to conduct small group IPT supervision
    14) Describe how to utilize on-line tools to supervise IPT
    15) Supervise Communication Analysis
    16) Supervise the IPT approach for grief and loss


    10:00 AM to 14:00 CST November 20 and 21, 2021

    $250 per person

    Refund/Cancellation Policy:
    A $100 charge will be applied for all cancellations. No refunds will be given.

    Instructor Credentials:
    Please see “About the Instructor” link for detailed information

    CE Credits Offered:
    8 CE credits are offered for this training. No partial credit will be given.
    All educational activities at this training will offer CE credit.

    Commercial Support for CE Programs or Instructors:
    There is no commercial support for this CE Program. There are no conflicts of interest for the instructor for this CE Program.

    For information about the CE grievance procedure, please click the link below.

    IPT Institute CE Grievance Procedure