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IPT Modular Clinical Certification | IPT Institute

IPT Modular Training and Therapist Certification

IPT Institute Modular Training and Certification has been developed specifically for community practitioners with intensive supervision in small groups.  Completion of a two-day Level A IPT course is required prior to starting Modular Training.

Participants meet for in-person training for 1-2 days on several occasions; participants are expected to bring case material from cases they are currently working with to present and discuss during the group meetings.  Key moments in IPT are underlined and worked on as modules in addition to individual case reviews.

Modular Training is one of the 3 pathways to Clinical Certification in IPT, and completion of Modular Training in IPT results in "IPT Certified Therapist" designation.  Modular Training requirements are:




  • Familiarity with the IPT manual (1)

  • Professional clinical training in mental health




1) Completion of an IPT Institute accredited two-day Level A IPT Course

2) Completion of at least 4 two-day intensive group training seminars with case presentations

3) Participation in ongoing Advanced IPT Training at least every 3 years


(1) Required IPT Textbook: Stuart S, Robertson M: Interpersonal Psychotherapy: A Clinician's Guide, 2nd Edition. Oxford University Press, London, 2012.



Modular Training in France (In French)

Modular Training- Cycle Complet PTI La Teppe 2016

8 day training program

La Teppe Medical Center

Tain l'Hermitage - France

Dates :

29-30 Janvier 2016

11-12 Mars 2016

8-9 Avril 2016

10-11 Juin 2016



Oguz Omay M.D

with the participation of :

Elisabeth Glatigny, Ingrid Lacaze, Anna Richard, Claire Layat, Christelle Farnier, Marie-Noelle Babel, Virginie Ruzzu, Melanie Pelese, Frederic Perret


Contact et Inscriptions : de préférence par mail

Dr Oguz Omay
Consultation de Psychiatrie Périnatale Etablissement Médical de La Teppe 25 avenue de la Bouterne
26602 Tain l'Hermitage Cedex
tel : 04 75 07 59 49