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IPT Group Certification | IPT Institute

IPT Group Certification

IPT Institute Group Training and Certification has been developed specifically for practitioners conducting IPT in a group format.  Completion of Group Training in IPT results in "IPT Group Therapist" designation.  Group Training requirements are:




  • Familiarity with the IPT manual (1)

  • Professional clinical training in mental health

  • Completion of an IPT Institute accredited two-day Level A IPT Course



1) Completion of an IPT Institute accredited two-day Group IPT Course

2) Completion of at least 10 weekly hour-long consultation calls providing Group IPT consultation

3) Completion of one IPT group portfolio

    Each portfolio is reviewed by an IPT Institute expert using the IPT Quality and Adherence Measure

    The portfolio must include:

     a) Case Report of the IPT group treatment

     b) Interpersonal Inventory or Circle from all group members

     c) Interpersonal Formulation or Summary from all group members

     d) Self-Evaluation Form (based on the IPT Quality and Adherence Measure) for each session

     e) Submission of audio or videotape of every group session

     f) An audio or videotape of one session which meets standards for quality and adherence

4) Completion of a one-day Group IPT Booster Course

5) Participation in ongoing Advanced IPT Training at least every 3 years