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IPT Certification Overview | IPT Institute

IPT Certification Overview

Certification in IPT is offered for clinicians, supervisor/consultants, and trainers. 

The diagram below summarizes the certification process for each level of training. 

IPT Certification schematic graphic 2016-0-08


follows one of 3 different paths, all of which result in "IPT Certified Therapist" designation.

Community-Based Certification in IPT is designed for therapists and agencies working within community settings with a variety of patients.  The emphasis is on cost-efficient training that ensures delivery of high level adherence and quality IPT.

Modular Certification in IPT is based on 6-8 days of additional training after Level A training is completed.  Participants meet for in-person training for 1-2 day modules on several occasions.  The emphasis is on moderately intensive training that ensures delivery of high level adherence and quality IPT.

Research-Based Certification in IPT is designed for therapists who will be conducting research in IPT.  The emphasis is on intensive training that ensures completely reliable and adherent IPT for research.  Research-Based Certification is also required for those therapists who wish to become supervisors or trainers in IPT.



results in Level D "IPT Certified Supervisor" certification and IPT Institute Faculty designation.



results in Level E "IPT Certified Trainer" certification and IPT Institute Fellow designation.